Tours In Development

Listed below are our range of touring projects currently in development.  If you are a presenter and interested in further information on any of these exciting projects or companies, please  contact us.

Cirque Alfonse BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret (Canada)



“Deliciously bizarre… BARBU is the most fun you’ll have in a tent this year”★★★★★ - Edinburgh 24/7


“A mesmerising and deliciously bonkers fanfare of strength, agility and beards.BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret are all they claim to be and more: thoroughly impressive, enchanting and other-worldly in their abilities” ★★★★★ - Broadway Baby


“Assembled with equal parts audacious silliness and a saucy grandeur, BARBU is hilarious, human and a helluva night out”★★★★★ - The List



Canada’s Cirque Alfonse plays dangerously with the borders of modern circus and is THE circus rave party this summer, BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret displays a cheeky sense of humour and brazen eccentricity with political correctness deftly brushed aside. Strong bearded men in briefs skid around on roller skates and stunning burlesque girls are driven into frenzy by the turbulent sounds of the alluring but alarming live electro-trad band.


Cirque Alfonse conjures strange, wonderful worlds that straddle old fashions with a keen modern edge, daring to stray dangerously close to the precipice, BARBU is a mad circus fusing the traditional and the contemporary with joyous exuberance.





DORKYPARK was formed in 2003 by Constanza Macras and dramaturge Carmen Mehnert and since then it has been led by Contanza Macras.


A company that integrates dancers, actors and musicians with performers that range from 4 years old to 72, combining text, live music, dance and video. 

"Memory is fragile, Garbage lasts forever"




Productions available for touring:





Bullet Heart Club DAFFODILS [a play with songs] (New Zealand)



After a sell-out tour of Australia and several awards in tow this critically acclaimed show is off to Edinburgh Fringe for a season at the prestigious TRAVERSE THEATRE

Link below for dates



This is far more than boy meets girl. This is real life romance – indie-cabaret style.


Pull the cover off your favourite vinyl and discover a rich sonic world in the award-winning Kiwi hit Daffodils.


Travel through a landscape of live music and heart-aching theatre in this bittersweet love story about a teddy boy and a farm girl: their first meeting, their marriage and the New Zealand pop-rock soundtrack that shapes their lives. Prepare to have your indie soul rocked. Featuring songs by Crowded House, Bic Runga, Chris Knox, The Mint Chicks, Dave Dobbyn, The Exponents, Darcy Clay, The Mutton Birds, Th’Dudes, The Senators, The Swingers, Blam Blam Blam.



"To anyone who ever doubted New Zealand had a culture, a personality: see this show. Astounding. Unmissable."  [The Pantograph Punch]

"Utterly charming... Must-see" [New Zealand Herald] 

"[Daffodils] resonates so strongly as a piece of our mixed-up, precious culture, it should be our new national flag."[Metro NZ] 

"Powerful, electric performances by this fine cast make this bittersweet moving production sizzle." (Sydney Arts Guide)

"Truly entertaining and deeply moving." (Weekend Notes, Australia)


WINNER Auckland Theatre Award 2014
WINNER Best Debut, Metro NZ 2014
NOMINATED Best Play, SWANZ 2014.

DUMMY (Germany)



"Exceptional and spectacular"      Süddeutsche Zeitung


"Breathtaking!"        Berliner Zeitung


"An innovative, dynamic work of art!"    Berliner Abendblatt



An exceptional, creative team working with directors Eike von Stuckenbrok and Markus Pabst have produced a dynamic work of art that sets new standards in both technical and design accomplishments that have certainly never been seen before on a German stage.


The renowned artist Frieder Weiss has created numerous new interactive video designs that merge organically with the overall artistic presentation, to stunning effect. The new, specially composed live soundtrack is a collaboration between Berlin-based music producer and singer Reecode and the Australian composer and cellist Lih-Qun Wong. With this sound mash-up, DUMMY shows how contemporary circus should be done and how the traditional boundaries between genres can be overcome.


Eike von Stuckenbrok and Markus Pabst have worked with an unbelievably talented and top-flight cast to create seamless staging that makes the relationships, the interplay between human and puppet at once both touching and surprising.Astonished, we may ask ourselves: can we always be sure who is the dummy?


Directors: Eike von Stuckenbrok and Markus Pabst
Interactive video design: Frieder Weiss
Musik: Reecode & Lih-Qun Wong
Stage design/Costume design: Daniele Drobny



To watch trailer - CLICK HERE


EXPOSED: Songs for Unseen Andy Warhol Films (USA)



Andy Warhol is widely regarded as the most important artist of the second half of the 20th century, and he brought the vision of a successful artist to his filmmaking activities.


In celebration of the Museum’s 20th anniversary, The Warhol is proud to partner with the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance to co-commission a new performance that comprises fifteen 100 foot Warhol films that are newly preserved digitally and have not yet been publically seen. Five songwriters/composers, reflecting the generational trajectory, musical lineage and influence of New York-based artists from post-Velvet Underground 70’s through today, have been selected to write and perform music for three films. The roster includes Tom Verlaine, Martin Rev, DeanWareham, Eleanor Friedberger and Bradford Cox. The films chosen are a combination of portraits and actualities featuring Superstars and luminaries such as, John Giorno, Marcel Duchamp, Mario Montez, Jim Rosenquist, Billy Kluver, Marisol, Taylor Mead, Mary Woronov, Edie Sedgwick, and Andy Warhol.



Video link

Exposed: Songs for Unseen Warhol Films





When one sees GRUPO CORPO dance on stage it is as if all questions concerning the transit between nature and culture were being fully answered.  All facets of Brazil, past and future, erudite and popular, foreign influence and local color, and the urban and the suburban come to being as art.  Brazilian art.  World art.


Helena Katz


Today, having created 35 choreographies and more than 2,300 pieces, the Brazilian dance company maintains ten ballets in its repertoire and gives 80 performances a year in places as distinctive as Iceland and South Korea, the United States and Lebanon, Canada, Italy, Singapore, the Netherlands, Israel, France, Japan and Mexico.



Grupo Corpo - website


Grupo Corpo Official - Youtube Channel




"Sem Mim"

photo by Sharen Bradford





We are currently seeking co-commissioners for a new live-cinema performance piece featuring live narration, live music and an exploration of Kronos’ past, present and future -  a collaboration of filmmaker Sam Green & Kronos Quartet, for premiere late in 2017.



"No American ensemble has had a more far-reaching impact on the development of contemporary classical music than the San Francisco-based Kronos Quartet” – Steinway & Sons’ Listen Magazine


“Kronos Quartet has broken the boundaries of what string quartets do” – The New York Times


“The evening felt like a rock concert, with energy spilling off the stage, unpredictable and electric.” – The Globe and Mail



For more than 40 years, San Francisco's Kronos Quartet — David Harrington (violin), John Sherba (violin), Hank Dutt (viola), and Sunny Yang (cello) — has pursued a singular artistic vision, combining a spirit of fearless exploration with a commitment to continually re-imagining the string quartet experience. In the process, Kronos has become one of the most celebrated and influential groups of our time, performing thousands of concerts worldwide, releasing more than 60 recordings of extraordinary breadth and creativity, collaborating with many of the world's most intriguing and accomplished composers and performers, and commissioning more than 850 works and arrangements for string quartet. A Grammy Award-winner, Kronos is the only recipient of both the Polar Music Prize and the Avery Fisher Prize, two of the most prestigious awards given to musicians. In addition to residencies, coaching sessions, and other education work, Kronos launched a five-year commissioning initiative called “Fifty for the Future: The Kronos Learning Repertoire“ in 2015/16. It will be the first coordinated body of work devoted to the most contemporary approaches to the string quartet and designed expressly for the training of students and emerging professionals. Sheet music, instructional videos, recordings, and more are being made available online, free of charge.

Cirkus Cirkör LIMITS (Sweden)



CIRKUS CIRKÖR was founded in 1995 with the vision to change the world through contemporary circus. Today Cirkus Cirkör tours the world with several performances, arranges circus events for companies and organizations, and weekly circus classes for children and youth.


In their new production, Limits, the work and questions continue: Are limits real or imaginary?  Are they a dead end, or a motivation to search for new paths?  Someone has drawn up lines and divided the world into various delimited areas. We build fences around our gardens, walls, barricades, and we place armed soldiers around our countries.  But human beings have never wanted to stay in one and the same place.


In classic Cirkus Cirkör style, Limits will turn perspectives on their heads. With energy, a focus on what is possible and cocky commitment, a world of fleeing, migration and new frontiers is balanced against the artists’s individual limits in terms of risk, pain, the limitations of the group and of the body.


“…poetic, rich, serious yet entertaining contemporary circus”Expressen


“ LIMITS is an example of magical multi-talent where music, acrobatics, graphics and comedy are melded in an art form wide as the sky, where activism becomes painfully beautiful” Vermlands Läns Tidning


“a passionate portrayal of our shared humanity” Dagens Nyheter





Photo - Mattias Edwall





Whether releasing chart-topping albums, selling out the largest concert halls, composing award winning film scores or topping audience polls, Ludovico Einaudi is arguably one of the most influential and popular composers in UK, Europe and beyond.


Famous for his astounding, award winning film scores, Einaudi's career in film and TV has involved celebrated titles such as Doctor Zhivago (2002), This is England (2006) and most recently The Intouchables (2011).


Far from your traditional classical composer and pianist, Einaudi has broken down the stereotypes and used his unique musical alchemy to appeal to audiences of all genres. This performance promises to meld the traditional and modern with seamless ease and prodigious talent.


Never one to disappoint, Ludovico’s newest album Elements is as breathtakingly beautiful and poignantly polarised as one would expect from one of this generation’s finest classical talents and with the new album released and the world tour underway it will see Ludovico return to Australia in 2017.


Baxter Theatre Centre MIES JULIE (South Africa)



In the smouldering kitchen of a remote South African farmhouse, twenty years after the end of apartheid, a single night of brutality and tenderness unfolds between a black farm labourer and his white master’s daughter. The visceral struggles of contemporary South Africa are laid bare as the couple’s deadly attraction spirals out of control and they battle over power, sexuality, memory, mothers and land.


The Baxter Theatre Centre’s smash hit play Mies Julie, written and directed by Yaël Farber, has enjoyed unprecedented international and local success since it first premiered at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in 2012, having amassed over 30 international and local five‐star reviews, several top theatre awards and a breathless supply of superlatives within its first year alone.



Jean-Claude Gallotta MY ROCK (France)



Rock and contemporary dance started life in the same country and at the same time : the United States in the early 1950s. However these two movements have never crossed paths, with Elvis Presley in Memphis and Merce Cunningham in New-York.


Jean-Claude Gallotta, who grew up with these two movements and who was naturally inspired by both, set himself the task of bringing about this long-overdue meeting and provoking a "rockagraphical" shock with those who motivated him creatively, from Elvis to the Rolling Stones, from Bob Dylan to the Who, from the Velvet Underground to Nick Drake, from Iggy Pop to the Clash, and from Leonard Cohen to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain...


MY ROCK, which had only been viewed privately a decade ago as a type of work in progress is today being produced as a full show. It comprises around 15 short sequences danced to tracks taken from classic albums from the history of rock, combined with commentary from the choreographer to place each performer in context.


Hotel Proforma NEOARCTIC (Denmark)



12 Songs. 12Soundscapes. 12 Landscapes. 1 Planet.

A Chant opera

NEOARCTIC is an evocative, poetic, and alarming music performance on the Anthropocene – a new geologic epoch, defined by unprecedented human disturbance of the planets ecosystems. Humans have come to be a ‘force of nature’, causing rapid, often unintended changes to the Earth we inhabit.

NEOARCTIC looks at the ruins and the risings of the modern industrial civilization. Extinctions, new life forms and new landscapes. Symbiotic relations in a modern world of complexity. The dystopian and the utopian are fusing, and a new sense of amazement at the wonders of the earth is required. The processes, the structures and their forms as interplay are the subject matter of NEOARCTIC.


Twelve outstanding singers are seen and heard on a large stage. Words are sung, whispered, shouted as songs and repetitive, hammering soundscapes. Beautiful melodies appear and disappear. The stage is a canvas for light and colours, films and projections. A landscape in constant change. Stunning sceneries ask: Where did we come from? Where are we heading? How far can we go?

William Kentridge PAPER MUSIC (South Africa)



Paper Music is the latest project in the long time, ongoing collaboration between Johannesburg-born visual artist William Kentridge and his South African compatriot Philip Miller.  Their artistic partnership dates back to Kentridge’s 1993 film Felix in Exile, part of his celebrated Soho Eckstein series for which Miller wrote the score.


Paper Music is a witty, poignant, a gently subversive song and film cycle; it unites films, mostly animations based on William Kentridge’s charcoal and ink drawings, with live musical performances by vocalists Ann  Masina and Joanna Dudley, pianist Vincenzo Pasquariello, and composer Philip Miller.


A fascinating exploration of the relationships between sound and image.


Video - Trailer


William Kentridge






Bausch’s influence is universal; her work, unmistakable.


Madonna and David Bowie are fans, and so is St Vincent. Actor Alan Rickman said she “pins you to your seat. It’s like she’s connected to your bloodstream or something.”

Pina Bausch was the “high priestess of dance theatre” (Guardian), with such a loyal following that, when a retrospective of her work was performed as part of the London 2012 Festival ahead of the Olympic Games, there were fans raiding their bank accounts and clearing their diaries for the nearly 30 hours needed to see all 10 shows.


Over the thirty-six years in which Pina Bausch shaped the work of the Tanztheater Wuppertal, till her death in 2009, she created a an oeuvre which casts an unerring gaze at reality, while simultaneously giving us the courage to be true to our own wishes and desires. Her unique ensemble, rich with varied personalities, will continue to maintain these values in the years to come.


Photo Credit: Ulli Weiss


More Promotions SOAP (Germany)



After sell-out seasons in Edinburgh, London, Berlin, Brisbane and most recently the Adelaide Fringe 2015, this hilarious variety show is looking to make its future splash with its spectacular fusion of contemporary circus, comedy and cabaret in, on and around bathtubs.



Direct from Germany, SOAP is a thoroughly entertaining fusion of steamy cabaret, comedy and circus that is performed by some of the world’s finest acrobats. It has played to over 1.5 million people across the globe, and audiences in Wollongong and surrounds now have a chance to see it before it heads to the Adelaide Festival.


Expect dazzling water-soaked antics, brilliant displays of physicality, a mop ballet and aerial trapeze – all to an eclectic soundtrack that includes Sia, Goldfrapp, Tool, Ben Harper, The Beatles and live musical performances. It's sensual, funny and absolutely jaw-dropping.


SOAP Trailer




Song of the Goat Theatre ( is a multi-award winning company, which has developed an international reputation as one of Europe’s most innovative training-based theatre companies. ‪A distinctive element of the company’s practice and training is the need and search for connection and openeness as the root of authentic experience. The work always seeks to integrate movement, voice, song and text, creating a performance that has an inherent musicality and connects with the audience on a sensory level.





CRAZY GOD – World Premiere in July 2016 at the Brave Festival





Trailer  :













Thomas Monckton & Circo Aereo THE PIANIST (Finland)



“It would be no exaggeration to declare Thomas Monckton nothing short of a genius”★★★★★ - Broadway Baby (UK)


“I doubt very much that you’ll see, in fact I am prepared to bet on it, a funnier show this year… miss him at your peril” – Dominion Post (NZ)



Evoking critical comparisons to the work of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Marcel Marceau, Thomas Monckton’s The Pianist is a riotous solo contemporary circus piece that is imaginative, inventive and immaculately executed.


Engaging and energetic, Monckton plays the concert pianist whose recital is an absolute catastrophe right from the beginning. He is a man so focused on impressing everyone that before he realises it, his show has transformed from highbrow concert into absolute bedlam. The hapless pianist is left to juggle, shuffle and lurch from one incident to the next striving for perfection, yet every attempt to make beautiful music becomes comically absurd in its shortcomings.


Ingeniously created by New Zealand’s Thomas Monckton and Circo Aereo of Finland, The Pianist delivers delightful comedy, yet is still imbued with great drama and pathos, all rolled into a fluid, spectacularly amusing and unforgettable performance.





THIRD WORLD BUNFIGHT (‘TWB’) is a performance company that has maintained its position at the forefront of South African performance throughout its nineteen-year history.


TWB presents the diverse works of South African artist, Brett Bailey:
theatre productions, installations, operas, house music shows, and site-specific performances.

His idiosyncratic, iconoclastic works focus a probing lens on the world we live in; in particular the post-colonial landscape of Africa, and the historical and contemporary relations between Africa and the West.




- Exhibit B           Click Here to find out more


- Macbeth            Click Here to find out more


- The Raft            Click Here to find out more



The company has a mission to create and present innovative, multi-layered, deeply considered performance and installation works of excellence, both locally and internationally; works that reveal the beauty, the wonder, the darkness and the tragedy of our world.

Jumpboard Productions WHITE CLOUD by Tim Finn & Ken Duncum (New Zealand)



"A richly textured blend of beautifully melodic music and poetically evocative prose … In just 70 minutes it is astonishing how much of ourselves White Cloud: Songs & Stories allows us to recover and discover … the particulars of these family stories resonate widely in an inventive, evocative presentation."                John Smythe, Theatreview


"[Tim Finn's songs] tell amazing stories and are refreshingly direct in what he has to say and what he asks us to question. Duncum takes family stories and brings them alive, with enough nostalgia to make us all reflect on growing up in a younger more innocent New Zealand but not enough to feel sugar coated. They make for a powerful creative combination."

Lynn Freeman, Capital Times



White Cloud is written by Tim Finn and Ken Duncum, with film by Sue Healey.

Tim Finn, iconic New Zealand singer-songwriter, member of Crowded House and founding member of Split Enz, performs White Cloud, a musing meditative performance about family, identity and home. A richly textured blend of beautifully melodic music and poetically evocative prose, this inventive reflection on the lives of his own and his co-writer's Anglo-Saxon families growing up in NZ, loosening ties to the UK and encountering Maori culture, is a delight. Through songs and stories, Tim introduces us to family members and ancestors whose voices echo through journals, letters and memoirs - matched by dreamlike imagery drawn from 8mm home movies shot largely by Tim’s dad, Richard Finn. An inspired collaboration between Tim Finn, leading New Zealand playwright/screenwriter Ken Duncum and video artist Sue Healey, White Cloud has wowed audiences and critics in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the UK.