The South African State Theatre in association with UK Arts International TOWNSHIPS STORIES

19/02/2008 - 09/03/2008

A nail-biting thriller set against the backdrop of life in a post-apartheid South African township. A schoolgirl flees her home only to find solace in the arms of a gangster who believes life’s ills can be solved with violence…

On the fringes of the township a serial killer is on the loose…

And amidst the chaos, the police investigation is always one step behind…

Directed by Paul Grootboom, the ‘Township Tarantino’, Township Stories is an unexpurgated take on life in South Africa today. Ironically underscored by a collage of vintage Louis Armstrong, Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones and traditional music, Township Stories takes you on an emotional rollercoaster through the sordid underbelly of contemporary urban life.

The hit of the 2006 Edinburgh Festival and the Vienna Festwochen.

Written by Paul Grootboom and Presley Chweneyagae
Directed by Paul Grootboom

"One of the most remarkable pieces of theatre to emerge from ost-apartheid South Africa. Extraordinary. Compelling." The Guardian

"A high-spirited and ferociously memorable show. Shakespeare would have recognised the place, not only for its horror and ity, but for its sheer vibrancy of life." The Scotsman 

WOLLONGONG, Merrigong Theatre 19 - 23 February

ADELAIDE, Royalty Theatre, 6 February - 9 March (Adelaide Festival of Arts)