Karbido THE TABLE (Poland)

07/02/2012 - 18/03/2012

"Awesome, manic and witty. If it's difficult to imagine, that's because you'll never have seen or heard anything quite like it."  The Scotsman

The amazing audio-spectacular THE TABLE, by Polish musicians Karbido, was a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe and is now coming to the Adelaide Fringe in the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

Don't be fooled by the rather sombre looking 30-something men who take their places at an ordinary looking table. This scene soon turns to manic instrumentalism at its best as the table transforms into a multifaceted musical instrument capable of playing anything from cinematic soundscapes to heavy metal to percussive trance.

This explosive show will have audiences on their feet.

Fringe World Festival
The State Theatre Centre Courtyard
7-19 February 2012

The Deluxe, Garden of Unearthly Delights
22 February - 10 March 2012

The Famous Spiegeltent
13-18 March 2012