Fishamble SILENT (Ireland)

05/02/2013 - 23/02/2013

Melbourne: 7th Feb - 10th Feb

Perth: 13th Feb - 23rd Feb





Melbourne - CLICK HERE







Silent is the touching and challenging story of homeless McGoldrig, who once had splendid things.  But he has lost it all - including his mind.  He now dives into the wonderful wounds of this past through the romantic world of Rudoph Valentino.





2011: The Scotsman Fringe First at Edinburgh Fringe Festival


2011:The Herald Angel award at Edinburgh Fringe Festival





 "A striking performance under Jim Culleton’s effective direction…a moving story, which, until its end, pulses with the erratic noise of life"  Irish Times


"riveting"  Sunday Times


"a must-see if ever there was one" The List


"fabulous dance of whirling words..a bravura outpouring of sorrow, anger, hurt and lacerating wit" The Herald (Scotland)


"unflinching, intensely physical performance..bristling with black humour" The Scotsman


"remarkable range of styles and devices…to be in that audience was to experience a rare synergy between performer and the performed-to" Irish Independent