CREATIVE NEW ZEALAND'S Touring Australia Initiative (New Zealand)

04/06/2015 - 10/06/2016


Arts Projects Australia has been engaged by Creative New Zealand to manage an annual touring program 'Touring Australia Initiaitive' in consultation with CNZ between 2012-2016.


The aim is to tour 3 works each year (subject to final budgets) within Australia’s larger capital and regional cities. The benchmark for support for a particular tour is a minimum of 3 centres, and the budget will fund the costs of all associated travel/freight, LAFH & hotel of the finally selected tours.


If you wish to be emailed promotional and technical materials for each of the below projects please do not hesitate to contact our Associate Producer, Daniel Vorrasi at



For 2015 & 2016 we are working to pull together potential touring dates for a number of New Zealand performing arts companies/productions, as outlined below:



1.       NZ TRIO 


            This extremely versatile & engaging piano trio have a broadly engaging repertoire aimed at making its classical musical recitals approachable, meaningful & relevant.  They are widely regarded as ‘one of the finest chamber ensembles             in Australasia’.






2.       The Pianist                                                          avail 2016 – Jan-March


The Pianist is a solo comic contemporary circus piece by Thomas Monckton (Moving Stationery) and Circo Aereo (Finland).  The show is centered on, in, under, and around one of the most magnificent of all musical instruments, the grand piano.  Accompanying this elegant apparatus is the poised pianist himself.

The Pianist mixes classical clowning with contemporary circus to produce a charming piece of comedy about the lure of luxury.


“It would be no exaggeration to declare Thomas Monckton nothing short of a genius”

Broadway Baby (UK)


“I doubt very much that you’ll see, in fact I am prepared to bet on it, a funnier show this year… miss him at your peril”

                        Dominion Post (NZ)




3.       Black Bird Ensemble                                       avail 2016


                Latest production ‘Dreams’ – link to review    click here


The Blackbird Ensemble’s aim is to produce musical experiences that are holistic in their approach.  Its core aim is to present high quality classical music to a new and broader listenership.  Not only are the audience given the chance to hear music rarely performed and of exquisite beauty and energy, it is also presented in such a way that extra musical and theatrical elements are integrated to enhance and strengthen the ideas behind the music.


Blackbird often collaborate with other artists including dancers, film makers, acrobats, etc… and aim to present music and ideas that are original, provocative, mesmeric, powerful and memorable for all generations.


                “The Blackbirds have come up with a dream of a show. Don't miss it.”

William Dart – NZ Herald






4.       Douglas Wright’s ‘THE KISS INSIDE’            avail 2016


                Produced by Jumpboard Productions

                The first full-length work since Wright's acclaimed rapt, The Kiss Inside is a succulent work in the surreal dance language for which Wright has become renowned.








5.       Daffodils                                                               avail 2016


This is far, far more than boy meets girl.
This is real life romance – Kiwi cabaret style.


Pull the cover off your favourite vinyl and discover a rich sonic world in Daffodils. Travel through a landscape of live music and heart-aching theatre in this beautiful love story about a teddy boy and a farm girl: their first meeting, their marriage and the New Zealand pop-rock soundtrack that shapes their lives. 


"To anyone who ever doubted New Zealand had a culture, a personality: see this show.   Astounding.  Unmissable."  [Rosabel Tan, The Pantograph Punch]


                Vimeo Trailer:





6.       Okareka Dance Company


                        ‘K’rd Strip’                 

                                available            Sept / Oct 2015 &   Feb/March/April/May 2016


                        ‘Mana Wahine’       

                                available              Feb / May 2016


              Formed in 2007, Okareka Dance Company was established to fuse contemporary dance with Maori themes and other genres to create authentic, diverse works.  Led by senior performers Taane Mete and Taiaroa Royal, Okareka has                 become one of New Zealand’s most sought after and prolific dance companies.


              Okareka holds its provenance close to its heart.  Through choreography, set design, and costume, the company strives to tell bold, spiritual stories that are of and from New Zealand.  Through careful collaboration the company seeks                 to extend its creativity and its influence by engaging experienced artists from around the globe – the sole driver – to create evocative, beautiful dance works that tell a story.





7.       LIVE LIVE CINEMA  - Little Shop of Horrors       avail 2016


After a successful Australian tour in 2015 Live Live Cinema are returning with their newest production Little Shop of Horrors.


While Roger Corman’s 1960 film plays on the big screen, on stage four performers work at break-neck speed to re-voice multiple characters in perfect lip synch, all whilst playing a brand new score and creating live sound effects. Audrey, Seymour, Mushnik and Dentist, along with all the other characters in the film, will be leaping from piano to guitar, to bass to door bell, to that thing that makes the sound of footsteps, in this immersive audio-visual extravaganza.








8.       The Conch ‘Marama’                                          avail March 2016/17      


A breath taking new work in development with a preview season in Keri Keri on June 20 & 21st 2015.  Marama will premiere at Auckland International Arts Festival in March 2016 and may be presented at APAM in February 2016.  We encourage you to attend the preview season.


Marama draws five actors from five parts of the Pacific, all highborn women of their indigenous culture and carriers of their cultural knowledge – in the Fijian Language MARAMA.


Building on the international acclaim of previous works Vula and Masi, Marama reveals the intimate interweaving each woman has with the land from which she comes, and the impact of deforestation in the Pacific on indigenous culture.






9.       Muscle Mouth -  Triumphs and Other Alternatives              avail 2016


             Triumphs and Other Alternatives features acclaimed dancer Ross McCormack from Belgium's Les Ballets C de la B. 

 The show collides sculpture with gutsy performance to create an original and visceral new style of Physical Movement Theatre. 


              "a little bit of obsession … a little bit of grandness ... a lot of dramatic sweat"     






10.   Red Leap Theatre’s     Dust Pilgrim  - A Tale of Freedom       avail 2016


            Red Leap Theatre will be premiering their latest work Dust Pilgrim - A Tale of Freedom over

·         June 4 – 13th this year at the Q Theatre, Auckland.


Inspired by the literary genius of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the limitless imaginings of the world of magic realism, Red Leap will return to its hand-made beginnings with an intimate yet epic tale of one woman’s fight for freedom in a world where dreams and premonitions are as real as the wind.